3 oz Glass Jars Child Resistant Black – 100 Units


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Our 3 oz glass jars are made of high quality glass featuring an airtight screw top container design. These glass jars comes with a child resistant black cap and a liner that helps make it air tight and smell proof keeping your cannabis flowers fresh. Glass jars are perfect for displaying and storing cannabis flowers and edibles.
The new slim and tall design with a flush cap allows for easy filling and opening. The taller surface area also allows for more design space. Contact us to learn more about our custom packaging options.

Quantity: 105 unitsSize: 3 oz
Capacity: Up to 3.5 grams
Material: Glass

  • Child Resistant Black Cap Included
  • Foam Liner Included
  • Screw Top Design
  • Airtight



105 Units


Up to 3.5 gram




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