United States Cannabis Regulatory Agencies

As more and more states join in the legalization of marijuana more and more regulatory agencies for cannabis will be created. If you’re looking for the agency for your state then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a complied list of state regulatory agencies on marijuana:
Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office
California Bureau of Cannabis Control
San Francisco Office of Cannabis
Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement
District of Columbia Medical Marijuana and Integrative Therapy
State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Cannabis Programs
Maine Medical Use Marijuana Program
Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission
Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission
Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Marijuana Regulatory Agency
Nevada Department of Taxation
New Jersey Department of Health Division of Medical Marijuana
New Mexico Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program
New York State Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program
Oregon Liquor Control Commission Marijuana Program
Vermont Marijuana Commission
Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board


California Cannabis Packaging Laws 2018

Cannabis packaging laws can be very scary and confusing. Add on the possibility that these laws can change at anytime and you have yourself a scenario where there is no easy solution. You have to go out and do your own research on the subject while running your business.

So to help make things easier on you here’s a breakdown of what you need to know regarding California Cannabis Packaging Laws. If you need additional California packaging and labeling resources.

In California, there are separate requirements for packaging cannabis flowers versus edibles.

The actual labels falls into two categories: Primary Panel and Informational Panel. Primary Panel label is placed on the outer packaging but if none exist then it can be placed on the container. Informational Panel label can be placed on the outer packaging or the container.

The Primary Panel label and the government warning labels has to be placed on the outer packaging (if there is no outer packaging than on the container). If the packaging or container is too small for an Informational Panel label then a supplemental label (small paper sheet, hang tag or peel back label) can be used instead.

All manufactured products must meet below packaging requirements before sending to a distributor.

California cannabis packaging laws 2018

Flower Packaging Requirements:
Packaging cannot look like food packaging
Must be tamper-evident (re-sealable if multiple servings) and child-resistant
Labeling cannot entice children, refer to product as candy, have cartoons or make any health claims

Primary Panel Requirements:
Primary panel is the label on the outer packaging (e.g. box packaged edible is placed in).
Identity of product
The amount of THC or CBD
CDPH-issued universal symbol
Net weight or volume

Informational Panel Requirements:
Informational panel is the label that can be anywhere on the packaging.
Manufacturer’s name
Manufacturer’s website or phone number
Date the product was manufactured
Government warning statement
Ingredient list
Instructions for use
Expiration date
Unique ID or batch number

Edibles Packaging Requirements:
Edible packaging has the same requirements as cannabis flower packaging in addition to the below requirements:
Packaging must be opaque

Primary Panel Requirements:
Primary panel is the label on the outer packaging (e.g. box packaged edible is placed in).
Must include “cannabis-infused\”
Amount of of THC or CBD per serving

Informational Panel Requirements:
Informational panel is the label that can be anywhere on the packaging.
Allergen information
List of artificial food colorings
Basic nutritional information (amount of sodium, sugar, carbohydrates and fat per serving)

Additional Requirements:
Medical products must include “For Medical Use Only”
Secondary packaging is not exit packaging

Visit the following for the most up to date California cannabis regulations.

Flying With Marijuana: Can I Bring Marijuana In My Carry-on?

Right now it’s currently 80 degrees in Hawaii. Some of you reading this don’t even remember what 80 degrees feels like. As you’re booking the next red-eye and then proceed to to pack your bags you wonder if it’ll be ok to fly with your marijuana?

Straight answer, marijuana is still consider a Schedule 1 substance according to federal law.

So it depends on who is enforcing the law but airport jurisdiction can be somewhat complicated. According to the TSA website the TSA does not search for marijuana during the security screening process. Their main focus is on any potential threats to the flight and the passengers.

But in the event that any marijuana, edibles or cannabis extracts does somehow appear during the screening process the TSA will defer the matter to a law enforcement officer.

There’s a misconception that at the secure areas of an airport it falls under federal jurisdiction. Haichi Ko, a former Air Accident Investigator, stated:

This is not quite true. The secure areas follow local government’s jurisdiction. He further says one evidence of this is at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport where the secure areas has slot machines but gambling is illegal on federal property.

On my last trip to Hawaii I had no issues with my vape pen and oil cartridges tucked in my carry on.

But it’s a good idea to lookup and understand the visiting state’s law in regards to marijuana before flying and this is especially true if you’re traveling internationally. Not every country is as lax as the United States when it comes to cannabis.

Happy travels!

CalCannabis Begins Inspections – What you need to know

CalCannabis sent out an e-mail notification that inspections will be occurring all across the state of California for all state-licensed cannabis cultivators.

CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing’s, a division of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), Compliance and Enforcement branch has already began their random inspections of all state marijuana cultivators.

As per Title 3 of the California Code of Regulations section 8501, CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing has the right to inspect any site 8am through 5pm between Monday and Friday. So a surprise visit would be possible but for this initial inspection they’ll be giving everyone an advance courtesy notice.

CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing stated that they would first notify by either e-mail or phone call of a scheduled inspection date and a four hour window of time of inspection. Failure to allow inspection is not a small matter either. Fines start at $1,001 and can go upwards to $5,000 per each incident! Remember to check your phones and e-mails.

As always, safety should always be practiced. Always ask for a photo identification especially if someone is representing California Department of of Food and Agriculture.

Here’s a breakdown of the vital information from above: