4 oz Glass Jar Tamper Evident Shrink Bands – 1,000 Units


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4 oz glass jar tamper evident shrink bands provide a fast and easy way to secure your packaging. These tamper evident shrink bands are a cost-effective choice for dispensaries, manufacturers and processors for keeping products safe and secure. Also providing protection and an attractive and professional appearance to your products.
Its easy to use design allows you to easily apply the tamper evident shrink bands by simply placing the band over the container and using a heat gun to apply heat to the band. Each band is single use and includes perforation for easy removal.

Quantity: 1,000 units
For: 4 oz Glass Jars
Dimension: 96 mm x 35 mm

  • Tamper Proof
  • Easy Application



1, 000 Units


4 oz Glass JarsDimension: 96 mm x 35 mm


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