United States Cannabis Regulatory Agencies

As more and more states join in the legalization of marijuana more and more regulatory agencies for cannabis will be created. If you’re looking for the agency for your state then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a complied list of state regulatory agencies on marijuana:
Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office
California Bureau of Cannabis Control
San Francisco Office of Cannabis
Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement
District of Columbia Medical Marijuana and Integrative Therapy
State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Cannabis Programs
Maine Medical Use Marijuana Program
Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission
Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission
Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Marijuana Regulatory Agency
Nevada Department of Taxation
New Jersey Department of Health Division of Medical Marijuana
New Mexico Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program
New York State Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program
Oregon Liquor Control Commission Marijuana Program
Vermont Marijuana Commission
Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board